Insomnia Dallas TX: The Place To Be

If you are in Dallas, and you want to have fun time after your work hours, Club Insomnia Dallas is the best place to be. It is one of the many strip clubs that Dallas offers to its citizens and the people coming from outside. Previously, the club was not that much famous among the people but, with time the repute of the club has gone up and it has many followers despite its concrete building and average interior.

Location and history Of Insomnia Dallas

Club Insomnia Dallas started running way back in 2001. In the beginning it laid its roots in the Clubhouse, which is a Northwest Dallas strip joint. The Club house was partially owned by Pantera’s Vinnie Paul Abbott. If anyone wants to go to Insomnia club Dallas the complete address of the place is 2250 Manana Dr Dallas, TX 75346. And if you want to contact them for any reservations contact them at (972) 869-9506.

Something About Insomnia Dallas

Insomnia Dallas TX is the perfect place to relax and to throw away all the problems and the tensions of the day. People can sit down and enjoy the music and dance. To maximize the experience of the people, Insomnia Dallas has recently installed a top of the line sound system and state of art laser show as well. To make your way into the club every person has to pay 15$ each and if you want a VIP’s entrance and treatment, you will have to pay 20$ just to get into the club. By opting for the VIP entrance you can have a better look at the dance, as it gives you the access to the second-floor terrace.

For those who want to visit insomnia Club Dallas should know that it opens at 4 AM in the morning and closes down at 6 PM. The club is open seven days a week but, the days on which the people go crazy are Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Insomnia Dallas also has a private parking lot for the people visiting but, the parking is not free and there is a pre-determined parking charge for all.

This clubhouse Dallas is a good place for arranging bachelor parties and for arranging shows for different groups. The sitting facility is completely in door. Guests can sit and listen to DJ mix music and enjoy their time. The club neither has any concession schemes for anyone nor does it offer a happy hour scheme. To keep the things smooth and in running condition Insomnia Dallas TX has banned the use of alcohol in the clubs premises. Visitors however may smoke cigarettes/cigars if they want to. People who come in wearing coats and jackets must take care of their clothing themselves as coat check facility is not available.

For the people who cannot walk wheel chair is also accessible. The club has a very strict policy regarding the age limit and only people above 21 are allowed to enter the club. People coming to Insomnia Dallas first have to show their identification in order to get in. If you have been there already, please share your experience


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  1. concerned mom says:

    You let my 19 year old in last weekend. I am not a happy mom. I have proof posted on his fb. He drove over a 100 miles to attend and has pictures posted for my entire family to see.

    • Haze says:

      Your son? and hes 19 years old? Get a grip on your own life and let go of his. Let him live. He’s his own man.

  2. jonathan torres says:

    how much will it cost to rent the place ???

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